Monday 23 February 2009

Monday's marverlous skill session

I had an excellent skill session tonight. I could feel my left knee before the session and now it is bugging me slightly, so I will stick to power variations tomorrow and jerks from the rack. The plan is a light technique session today, another lightish session tomorrow and a heavier one on Thursday followed by another over-reaching Russian program day on Saturday with an extra session or two on the Sunday. There will be two cryotherapy sessions on the Saturday and the Sunday, I will explain further about cryotherapy during the week. Here is what I did tonight:

Overhead Squats--10x5
Band Pull Aparts--3x12
Scap pull ups/push ups--3x8
Drop Snatch--8x3--I did all these with just a bar because I want to practice getting the movement perfect so that it becomes automatic. I need to practice perferct reps and gradually build up the weight that I can consistently drop snatch perfectly. This should help carry over into my snatch.
Flexibility--I did lots of hip and lower limb flexibilty using static and dynamic stretches.
Jerk skill with 50kg
Jerk from the rack--1x2@70, 3x1@90
Band Pull Aparts--3x20
Dragon Flags--3x3

I finished off with ten minutes on the foam roller for the IT bands and I also used the med ball to rid some of the tension in my hips and glutes. I had a quick stretch in the pool and 5 minutes in the sauna and in the jacuzzi. My left knee is bothering me a bit. This is strange because I could only feel a slight twinge just before training today and not at all before. It should be fine in a day or two hopefully.


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