Tuesday 17 February 2009

Tuesday's turn to train in Galway

I went across to Galway to train with Kevin D'arcy this morning and trained twice in the Galway City Gym. It was a great change of scene and it was fun training with Kevin--his best competition lifts are 125 in the Snatch and 160 in the Clean and Jerk. Harry gave me the program and it was tough as always. I really worked on stretching the hips with Kevin pushing my hips through. It was pushing on the pain barrier but they were far more flexible than before. My hips were stiff at the start of the second session, but they loosened up somewhat. They are going to have to get used to getting stretched like that and then progress again. Anyway, today I did the following:

Session 1
Overhead Squats--7x3 with lots of dynamic flexibilty
Drop Snatches--1x3@bar, 40, 50, 60
Hang Snatch--1x2@60, 70
Power Snatch--1x1@70, 75, 80 for four singles. I missed the second rep due to paralysis by analysis.
Front Squat--1x3@60, 80, 100 1x1@120 for three singles
Plank with ab vacuum--4x30 on/off

Session 2
Overhead Squats--6x3
Drop Snatch--1x3@bar, 40, 50 1x2@60
Snatch--1x2@65 1x1@70, 80, 85, 90, 92, 94, 95x4--These felt very good but my feet were not going out as you can see on the rep on the video below.
Clean grip pnf x1
Cleans--1x2@70 1x1@90, 100, 110, 120 for five singles. I missed the third and fourth rep because I let people around me distract me. I fixed it afterwards.
Back Squat--1x2@60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 147 for three doubles. These squats were way tougher than I expected them to be.
Incline sit-ups--1x12

This was a tough day's training, but it was fun. The change of scene is great, but tomorrow will be tougher. Here is the video:


Laura Nolan said...

Have you finally run out of alliterative titles?

bigphathar said...

Never! I know you can do it Barry, alliteration aok!

Laura Nolan said...

He appears to be going for rhymes instead, but day and Galway is a pretty weak rhyme. Poor show, Barry :)

Barry said...

Okay, I just changed the title of the post. Are you happy now? The Butcher and Matt are never happy. I must try and be nicer in training from now on.

On a side note, I have videos to put up but for whatever reason I cannot upload them here in Galway. I will get them in on thursday.

Laura Nolan said...

Ah, The Butcher is a hard taskmaster but I am easily pleased. Hope today and tomorrow go well for you.

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