Monday 16 February 2009

Saturday's superbonanza

Saturday's session was unlike any I have ever had before. There were four sessions and half an hour in between each session, except for the last one where there was fifteen minutes in between. Harry gave us the sessions and himself and Jimmy Jennings used thier keen eyes to see how we were getting on. Myself, Sami, Laura, Gill, Hans and Cathal Byrd were the test subjects. A number of important factors came to the fore and a few records were set. My legs are still a bit fatigued, but I know that my the battering my cns has taken is not as bad considering the volume training I did last month. Here is what we did:

Session 1: Power Snatch and Clean Pulls--45 minutes
I needed this first session to wake up my nervous system and prepare me for later.
Overhead Squats--4x5
Power Snatch--1x3@40, 50 1x1@60, 70, 80, 85, 90 1x2@75
Clean Pulls--1x3@60, 90 1x2@110, 130

30 minutes rest

Session 2: Snatch to max and Power Cleans--1 hour
Overhead Squat with hip push through--5x3
Snatch--1x2@40 1x1@40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 95, 100, 104, I then missed 107 twice. The bar was high enough both times and I was low enough, but my feet were too narrow to get me into proper position. 106 is my pb and I really wanted to beat it.
Clean grip pnf x1
Power Cleans--1x2@70 1x1@100, 110, 120, 122, 124--These were strong, fast and high.

30 minutes rest

Session 3: Snatch Pulls and Clean and Jerk to max--1 hour/45 minutes
Snatch Pulls--1x2@50, 80, 95, 105--Like the Clean Pulls, this was only my second time doing this exercise so it will take time to get used to it.
Jerk Skill with 50
Clean grip pnf x1
Clean and Jerk--1x1@50, 70, 90, 110, 120, 130, 138--I got this for a new 3kg pb, so I was delighted and relieved after my Snatch frustration.

15 minute break

Session 4: Back Squat to max

Back Squat--1x3@70 1x2@90 1x1@120, 150, 170--I got buried by this because I went up weight to sharply due to trying to be competitive with Cathal. I learned. I went back down to 160, ten 165, then an easy 170 again where I was much tighter and more ready for the weight. I then got 175 for a 5kg pb. I was very happy with this, particularly because of the previous workload.

And that was it. This session was great. It was fun seeing Cathsal squat 200 weighing in around 70kg, and also seeing Gill squat 115. I chose a selection of the many videos I took and put together this little number below. This session revealed that I need to do the following:
1. My skill warm up needs to focus on the Snatch now, not the Jerk.
2. I need to up teh ante with my hip flexibility and mobility work.
3. I need to stay patient. My Snatch is on a plateau at the moment due to skill, not strength. Once I make it automatic for me to get a wider catching stance, my numbers will go up nicely. If anyone spots anything about my technique on the video, please let me know. I am here to learn.

Saturday's superbonanza from Barry K on Vimeo.


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