Sunday 22 February 2009

Saturday's serenely healed body

I got back from Galway on Thursday afternoon and then promptly headed off for a weekend for two days of relaxation and fun. I have put up the videos of some of Kevin's and my lifts on the last two blog entries so check them out if you are interested.
I was as physically broken by my training as I have ever been when I woke up on Thursday and I still had an intense session to do that morning at half ten. My hands were in pieces and my legs were screaming obscenities at me. This is what I did:

Overhead Squats--5x5
Snatch--1x3@40, 40, 50 1x2@60, 70
1x1@80, 85, 91--I missed this first go and got it second time through--93--Just like 91 I missed it first time and nailed it second time--95, 97, 99--I just missed this due to an ever so slight lack of full extension and I got it second time round. It was great having Kevin there to urge me on for this. It was simply mental weakness that caused me to miss the lifts and he really helped me put appropriate pressure on myself. I locked my back and grip far more securely which made a big difference. I was too relaxed mentally and physically.
Snatch Pulls--1x2@90, 95, 100 for three doubles
Power Cleans--1x2@60, 70 1x1@80, 90, 100, 105 for three singles. These were very light but very tough due to the onset of massive fatigue.
6 minute plank circuit--1 minute front, 1 minute side, 1 minute other side, 1 minute fron, 30 seconds side, 30 seconds side and 1 minute front.

My entire body was very fatigued after these intense but very enjoyable few days. 10 sessions in six days.


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