Wednesday 11 February 2009

Overhead Squat mobility drill

Today I had a day off training, so I had a wonderful massage and I followed it up with a game of tag rugby which was a lot of fun. Tonight I am posting a video of a drill we do that I got off Eamonn Flanagan and Cathal Byrd. This drill is excellent for improving the bottom position of your Snatch. You need to hold onto the top of the person's hips and push down and through so that you push the hips into the hole. Myself and Sami are doing this a lot in order to help us widen our foot stance in the catch portion of the lift.



Eamonn Flanagan said...

I hadnt seen this drill before until Cathal brought it back from Ukraine I think. I definitely found it helped be a bit last year when I was training alot around Oct/Nov time. I think it can help a little too if you are suffering from patella tendon pain in training. A few "pushes" of this before training and I found the pain was reduced.


CathalByrd said...

Yes, the coaches did this with me quite a lot in the Ukraine last summer. To progress it a little they also did this with me using a clean grip. It might take a bit of time to use this grip but try to gradually bring the grip in week by week. This closer grip also helps to open up the shoulders and chest and definately helped the bottom position of my snatch when I did it last year.

Other drill they did to strengthen the bottom position of my snatch were snatch balances, stock presses and squat jerks.

Barry said...

What is a stock press Cathal?

CathalByrd said...

Well at least that's what I call them, maybe they have a different name I'm not sure. Anyway you descend into a full squat with the bar on your back and with a snatch grip. From the full squat position you press the bar overhead. You can use a little leg drive/bounce for these to help get it over head but you need to focus on keeping as much depth as possible in the squat. Also in the Ukraine they used a progression where your feet actually leave the floor, see 0.52 of this vid on my YouTube, Week 1 of the Ukraine training camp:

Barry said...

I saw that before and it looks like an effective exercise to get one comfortable in the bottom position as well as getting you to press yourself under the weight. Thanks for sharing Cathal.

Laura Nolan said...

Think these are also called Sotts presses?

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