Wednesday 18 February 2009

Wednesday's werksan scars

I had another challenging and enjoyable day's training today. My hands are starting to know all about it as are my legs, but both will be up to it, so on we go. Like yesterday, I had a skill session in the morning and a later session with heavier weights finishing with squats. Kevin is one strong boy as well. I have some good videos of some of his lifts and I will put them up with some of my own tomorrow when I get home. Here is what I did today:

Session 1
Overhead Squats--7x3--As before, I am really trying to push the boat with these and Kevin is helping to force my hips through and out.
Scap push ups/pull ups--3x8
Drop Snatch--1x3@bar, 40, 50, 60 1x1@65, 70
Power Snatch--1x1@70, 75, 80 for three singles. I was struggling for speed with these.
Jerk Dips--1x3@50, 60, 70
Jerjk Catch--1x3@70, 80
Split Jerk--1x3@80, 90
10 minutes flexibility
Hanging ab work

Session 2
Overhead Squats--6x5
Scap push ups/pull ups--3x8--My shoulders felt great after doing this for the last few days. I am pleasantly surprised at how effective these were.
Drop Snatch--1x3@bar, 40, 40, 50, 60
Snatch--1x2@70 1x1@75, 80, 90, 93, 95, 98 for four singles. I missed the second and fourth singles out front. I put what I had into them but they out of place and I am still not able to get my hips out in the heavier Snatches. I focused on finishing my pull and controlling the pull under to the locking in of the Snatch. I have also experimented with widening my grip by half an inch on either side and this feels good. Two out of four is not too bad for a weight I have never trained on before.
Jerks from the rack--1x2@60, 70 1x1@80, 90, 100, 110, 120 for four singles. These were fast, but I needed to lock out my elbows better when pushing myself under.
Back Squat--1x2@60, 80, 100 1x3@120, 140, 152--I got buried under the second rep on the 152. I was not focused enough on keeping tight and being sharp enough out of the hole in the squat. I went for it again and had the right state of mind. I nailed it and it showed the value of proper focus. A new 3 rep max in the bag with more to come.
5 minutes flexibilty
Strict sit ups--4x8


Franklin said...

Wow, Kevin is a crazy strong dude! Its never to be taken for granted to have the opportunity to train with seasoned lifters willing to share their insights. Also that's a very nice training facility in Galway.

Your 70kg snatch drop looked very nice as did the 93 snatch .. very smooth with a perfect catch in the hole.

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