Tuesday 24 February 2009

Tuesday's technique to improve your rack position

Here is a partner exercise that we use in order to improve our flexibility in the rack position of the clean or the front squat. Some of you may already do this exercise and some may not like it. It follows the principles of PNF stretching and I find it very helpful. The basic idea is the following:
1. Rack the bar.
2. Have a partner lightly cup the bottom of your elbows.
3. Press down with your elbows for between 5 and 8 seconds with your partner resisting and preventing any actual movement.
4. When finished pressing down, breathe out fully and relax your arms, torso and shoulder girdle.
5. Your partner then elevates your elbows slightly and the process is repeated three or four more times.

I have included a video of the exercise being carried out. The production value is not perfect, but the idea is simple. Let me know what you think of this exercise and if you have any questions or comments please post them. I aim to learn as much as possible for the few readers of this blog


Franklin said...

Hey Barry,

Thanks so much for posting the video. I had never seen this exercise before and am anxious to give it a go during my next lifting session.

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