Friday 15 May 2009

Friday's fetid Snatches

I was tired for today's session but I ground it out and it ended nicely. I left the gym far happier than when I went in, which is always nice. It will take me a while to get used to this whole volume thing again, so I just have to keep going. I am enjoying the process though, and I can feel my technique improving. Here was my day's session:

1. Power + Squat Snatch: Worked up to 80kg for 3 x sets of 2. For some reason my Snatch felt completely out of groove today so I stopped short. I was getting each attempt but they did not feel like they did yesterday in any shape or form. I am sure this is just a spot of fatigue speaking, so I focused on the other exercises in instead.

2. Snatch Pull: Work up to 105kg for 4 x sets of 2--These felt great again. I focused more on keeping my back locked and getting that short fast shrug up at the top.

3. Cleans: Work up to 110 for 4 x sets of 2--These got better each set. Again, we did not go heavier because it was not in me this evening. I focused on keeping my back locked and finishing my extension despite the light weight. I got my feet out also and this is starting to improve. Hopefully this can transfer to the Snatch also.

4. Front Squat: Work up to 130kg for 3 x 3--These got better each set as I used the bounce and kept everything tighter.

5. Press: Work up to 3 sets of 5 reps of 70kg--I missed the last rep on the third set, but otherwise they were pretty solid.

6. 5 minutes flexibility

This ended up being a good session in spite of the conditions and I enjoyed it in the end. After half an hour there was a danger of it all going down the pan. I had to go outside for some fresh air for a minute and move on to a new exercise. It all went far better after that. Maybe Harry is my life coach now...

Speaking of inspiration, here is a great TED talk that I enjoyed immensely. A random topic at first, but as I am finding out, everything can relate back to weightlifting in some way or another. Maybe.


snatch_pete said...

Good to see you are working on foot movement in clean. Thought you looked a little cramped in the clean at Irish Seniors. For such a big guy thought your receive stance would have been wider.

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