Saturday 16 May 2009

Saturday's stampede

I had a good day's training today. A good sleep combined with a spot of cafeine can do wonders for the body and soul. Here was the plan for today:

Snatch: I worked up to four doubles with 89kg. I missed the second rep on the third set due to a brain hiccup and my final set was my best. The Snatch doubles are not as physically draining as some of the other execises, but it just as hard to be successful with the reps because so much more concentration is required.

Power Cleans--It was triples for this exercise. I wored up to 96kg for three triples. The weight was light but it is only the third rep that is tiring. My reps got better towards the end because I focused on getting a whip-like extension rather than thinking about finishing the pull which caused me to overpull and have a slow catch.

Clean Pulls--I worked up to three doubles of 130 on this. My last set was the best because I had my back locked but concentrated on locking my lower abs which in turn improved my back lock and positioning. If I focus on locking my lower abs and back, the movement feels more powerful.

Back Squat--I have never done 5 reps on this before and it just felt wrong. Harry had to help me keep count because I kept losing it after three reps. Have you seen my baseball? I worked up to three sets of five reps of 130. The weight was fine, but I was not used to the amount of reps.

All in all an enjoyable session that went far better than last night's. I will leave the post with two videos. The first is an excellent example of how the Clean and Jerk can be a thing of beauty. The second is priceless comedy.


snatch_pete said...

'Harry had to help me keep count because I kept losing it after three reps'

Oh how I chuckled at that comment. Is it because your hand is wrapped around the bar you cannot use your fingers to count?

Keep it up, someone lifting what you are lifting should have a lot more in the tank for 5 reps in the back squat.

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