Saturday 9 May 2009

Saturday's Suleymanoglu inspiration

I had a fun day today. I had an early ART appointment down in Portlaoise which made a mockery of my rectus abdominus, glute meds, and psoas muscles, so I knew I would not be that fresh for today's session. I wanted to have a fun session and that I did. It was relatively short and snappy.

I did a light warm up with the bar and 40 kg and went straight into the Snatch to see how it felt. My technique felt very smooth and the bar was close. I Snatched up to 93 and I missed 98. It felt very heavy and I knew I was not up to it today so I left it at that. I might just be learning.... But I doubt it. Maybe I just left it there because Harry was there.

I then Clean and Jerked up to 115 and 120 felt very heavy despite the fact that it is a pretty mellow Power Clean weight when I am fresh. Again, I did not even try and lift it.

I have not done any one arm Snatches in well over a year, so I tried a few of them again. I could only get up to 55 with each hand. 60 was beyond me. Hugh must be feeling smug right now. I enjoyed them regardless and then I went onto Front Squats. I worked up to a double at 150. I tried a triple, but I could not manage the last rep. The video of my squats is below so feel free to criticize.

On a different note, here is a master lifting in arguably the best weightlifting performance of all time. The slow motion replays are fantastic also.


Anonymous said...

Niam was in Dublin as an ambassador for the 2003 special olympics. He visited the powerlifting event in the RDS. Trevor

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