Wednesday 13 May 2009

Tuesday's terrific second session in the new training phase

Tonight was my second session in our new program. It was so different to my usual workouts and although it was tiring because of both the volume and shorter rest periods, I felt fresher mentally. Here was the plan for tonight:

A comprehensive twenty minutes of bar work, dynamic and partner flexibility, Snatch Pulls and light Power Snatch technique work.

1. Power Snatch: Work up to 77kg for 3 x sets of 3--These were tiring but the more I focused on my extension and keeping the bar close to my body as it travelled up past the hips, the smoother the lifts went.

2. Clean & Jerk: Work up to 110kg for 3 x sets of 2+1--Like the Power Snatch, I focused on finishing my extension in the Clean despite the light weight and making the Clean fluid and smooth with a locked back in the catch. The Jerks got far better as I went on as I was able to get a better lock for the Jerk dip.

3. Front Squat: Work up to 132kg for 3 sets of 3--I really focused on keeping my back and lower abs locked throughout the lift. I realised after my last set that if I look straight ahead, the lock works better than if I look up.

4. Jerk Supports: Work up to 140kg for 3 x sets of 3 one thousand seconds--These are to ensure I keep a locked lower abdomen as I have the tendency to let it go loose at the bottom of my dip on the heavy Jerks.

5. Push Press: Work up to 65kg for 4 x for 3 x reps--I kept this very light because I kept rebending the knees. It will take me a few sessions to get used to these. They were much better when I did them slowly, so I will gradually increase the speed and power output the more I get used to the movement.

Myself and Sami followed this with 20 minutes forced flexibility and some static stretching also. The flexibilty was by far and away better than at the start of the session an continues to improve centimetre by centimetre.


snatch_pete said...

My goodness, I would have nay time for training if I spent that long stretching before and after the work out!

Barry said...

I don't always spend that long, but it is worth it if I have the time. I need to get more flexible!

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