Tuesday 19 May 2009

Tuesday's time efficient training

I had a great session today and it was wrapped up in an hour and forty five minutes. I warmed up with light Clean and Jerks up to 90 and Snatch Pulls up to 90 with stretching in between sets. This set the tone for the session and I did the following:

1. Power Snatch: Work up to 80kg for 3 x sets of 3--These were tough, but I got them all with pretty good quality too.

2. Clean & Jerk: Work up to 113kg for 3 x sets of 2+1--These were tiring, and I worked on gtting my feet out in the clean which allowed my hips to come through. The Jerks were all solid and I was getting under them well.

3. Front Squat: Work up to 135kg for 3 sets of 3

4. Jerk Supports: Work up to 150kg for 2 x sets of 3

5. Push Press: Work up to 2 sets of 80kg for 3 x reps--I am still getting the hang of these but they were better than last week.

I had to rush off because I was busy. Here is a link to Pete Stewart's training blog and a video of his Clean PR of 161kg. He is one strong guy and he is training hard, so I hope he continues to get PR's.


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