Saturday 30 May 2009

Saturday's slight Lions' anti-climax

I was not training today as I am getting ready for next week's training camp and work is also very busy. I was really looking forward to watching the Lions but today's game shows just how difficult their task will be to overcome the Springboks. It will be fascinating to watch them hopefully win the series. Logic thankfully does not dominate sport.

Here are a few videos of some lifters whose techniques are very different. Plamen Boev's Clean and Jerk is great and stylistically is very different to Huster's in the post below. His technique relies on quicker speed under the bar and is very similar to Zanev's, who was the famous 77kg Olympic and world champion.

Here is a my video from a side on perspective and you can really see how he has a short dip and drives himself under the bar.


snatch_pete said...

Hear the Bulls score?

Unfortunately I dont think the Lions have a hope. NH rugby too far behind SH for them to take a scratch side down to SH and win.

I would love to be proved wrong though!

Hugh said...

Logically, what you're saying is very true. The Lions is something special though and they have the players to trouble the Boks.

Don't underestimate McGeechan - he is a genius, both tactically and at getting a big performance from guys when it counts. His mid-week team 4 years ago went undefeated on what was a largely miserable tour and he helped a number of guys get into the pre-selected, supposedly untouchable, Test side.

Nobody's giving them a chance but the Boks won't be the creative force that NZ were and they'll be playing with a new out-half. As Barry said, they'll largely look to punish the Lions' mistakes.

It's going to be interesting...

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