Monday 4 May 2009

Saturday's Small Nations salubrious Snatches

The Irish lifters were seperated into two groups with the first group comprised of myself, Sami, James Small, Neil Dougan, Eamonn Flanagan and Kevin D'Arcy. Our session started at ten, but there were lots of young lifters before us so we actually opened with our Snatches maybe 45 minutes later. Those of us in the first group all got up at six so that our bodies had at least four hours to wake up before the competition started. I was fully awake and ready to go by half ten, so it did not feel like the time made any difference.
James lifted first and got 85/105 as a 16 year old 69kg lifter. Sami lifted 88/110 as an 85. Eamonn lifted 97/137 as an 85. I lifted 108/134 as a 94 and Kevin lifted 123/157 as a 94 also.
In the second group Andy Murphy got 93/115 as a 77, Cathal Byrd got 109/143 as a 77 and Neil Dougan got 90/120 as a 69.
I learned from last week and made sure that I ate a lot in the hours before lifting and also in between the Snatch and the Clean and Jerks. I left the warm up room and all the chaos in there and focused my mind both before I lifted and also in the interval. I think this helped keep me relaxed and focused. In the Snatch I focused purely on staying over the bar and finishing my pull. In the warm up I Snatched up to 100, but I timed it a bit early and I had to repeat an 85 Snatch in order to keep warm.
Competition lifts
1x1@100--My warm up 100 was far better than my lift on the platform. It was my ugliest Snatch, but I got it easily. Like before, my pull was not very controlled and for some reason it was balanced more on the left hand side.
1x1@105--This was far better than the 100 and my best Snatch.
1x1@108--I made this for a competition pb. It flew up and I had to go looking for it in front, but it was solid.
Clean and Jerk
1x1@129--I messed up the Clean and I was lucky to get the Jerk with a few elbow wobbles. My Clean and Jerks were off all day and were home to considerable technical blunders.
1x1@134--I made this but it felt very heavy. It was a far better lift than my first attempt.
1x1@138--This was my best Clean, but I lost in the Jerk in the Jerk Dip. I did not have a locked core and I had a pause at the bottom of the dip.

The A team got second place in the team event and the B team got sixth. This was a brilliant experience and I will soon put up videos of mine and everyone’s lifts. There was some excellent Scottish lifters and Mineacides, the 62kg class bronze winner in the European's was lifting also and I will put up their videos as well.


Anonymous said...

how did Kirkbride lift?

Barry said...

Kirkbride did 140/183. I will put his and Graham Kane's lifts up soon.

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