Thursday 14 May 2009

Thursday's triple treats

I had another enjoyable session this evening and I may have had an epiphany which I shall relate at a later stage in the post.
Harry's volume master plan day 3:

I had a 15 minute flexiblity and bar work warm up with some light Snatches to boot.

1. Snatch: Work up to 85-90% for 4 singles--I did 4 singles at 96. They were all clean and smooth. I focused on staying over the bar and finishing my pull along with keeping my trunk locked throughout the pull and the catch. There is a video below of my second rep. My feet stop going out at a certain point but it is improving as is my flexibility.

2. Snatch Pull: Work up to 90-100% (of best snatch) for 4 doubles. I worked up to doubles of 108 and they feel better each time I do the movement because I am getting a better starting position. My epiphany was a result of a comment from Sami. I was not finishing my pull by shrugging up at all, but by shrugging back a bit. When I practiced the motion of shrugging UP at the top of my pull, it changed the way the bar went up completely. I did not have to pull up with my arms to stop the swing. By shrugging up a small bit, the bar went up naturally. If I can get the timing for this movement and make it smooth rather than contrived, this allied to staying over the bar and extending UP will help get rid of the swing in my Snatch. If you have an opinion or experience in this idea, please comment on it so I can learn if this possible epiphany is a false dawn or not.

3. Power Jerk: Work up to 75-80% (of best Jerk) for 3 sets of 3. I worked up to 110 for a triple and just got it. The second set I missed the second and third reps so I went down to 105. This is so tiring when you are catching the bar. By far the most fatiguing movement of the session. I focused on keeping a tight lower and upper trunk and exploding from the legs. It will take me a while to get used to this movement. Byrdie loves it so it must have some merit.

4. Back Squat: Work up to 85%+ for 4 sets of 2. I worked up to a double of 150 but I struggled to make the second rep so I went back down to 145 for the last three sets. My legs were pretty fried by then.

Before the session Sami took my skin folds using the four point test--bicep, tricep, scapula and waist-- and they are down from 36 to 32. I have been eating really well and cutting down on the amount of starchy carbohydrate. I want to get the skin folds under 30 and maintain my weight which obviously means I am putting on functional muscle.


snatch_pete said...

With your height will you be considering a move to 105kg?

Barry said...

I want to get the most out of the 94 class that I can. At the moment I have one and a half to two kilos of muscle that I can put on and remain in the class for two or three competitions a year. I am also not nearly strong enough for my weight, so I am more intent on improving my technique and getting far stronger than putting on weight. I can improve my body composition and stay within the class. It just takes more effort with the nutrition.

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